ZIM ultimate note taking guide in 26 minutes (A power user perspective) | your own personal wiki

Zim is an application used for note taking on your computer. It is available in windows,mac and linux.This video is a guide on the usage of zim with a focus on plugins and usability as a tool for your distro-hopping or you day to day research and tasks.

0:00 note apps

1:40 install zim

2:50 zim basic features

5:30 plugins

6:22 install code/use

8:01 install equation/use

11:27 use tables

14:42 config files

18:38 images/attachments

20:56 links

23:15 export/obsidian-md

25:44 final thoughts

Website: https://zim-wiki.org/

Zim config files manual https://zim-wiki.org/manual/Help/Config_Files.html

online references used with zim



To install in linux mint,debian and ubuntu if you did not get the latest version

https://zim-wiki.org/downloads/ download the deb file and use sudo dpkg -i zim_0.??.?_all.deb depending on latest deb file.

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Alt Linux 2022 |Russian distro,Quick look and performance on USB

Alt Linux is one of the best RPM based distros available. It is one of the oldest mandrake derivatives and still going strong in 2022. Although the documentation is mostly russian but you can get the information that you want easily Download link for regular builds:


Download link for icewm:


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Running/installing FULL Linux operating system on a USB (Artix or Any distribution)

The video illustrates the power of Linux as a portable and responsive system. It aims at giving the linux user a tool that can be kept in pocket and used anywhere from office to travelling where all your configuration files applications,settings emails,…. are just seconds away. #linux usb #2022 #artix

Download link for artix https://artixlinux.org/download.php

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artix on a stick link

Distrohopping with same Desktop environment (openbox edition)

Distrohopping can be a major learning experience especially if you focus on the same desktop environment. Every distribution strives to be unique by incorporating new tools or customization to differentiating it from others. I covered i this video how i utilize different items from different distros to complement my distribution of choice. It is like a cook looking for special flavor to add in his cooking.